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Monthly Meetings

Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month, except during June, July, August and December. All meetings are held at the Decatur Church of Christ.
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  • Thu

    Kelvin Meyer, Probate: More Than a Will

    7:00 pmThe Decatur Church of Christ

    Kelvin Meyer will be presenting Probate: More Than A Will.  Most persons who lived in America, and lived to adulthood, left some kind of estate to be administered.  Some left wills, some did not.  Either way if there was land or large amounts of personal property, there should be probate.  The records of probate can be some of the most fruitful for genealogists.  wills, distributions, administrations, and inventories are all vital parts of the probate process and full of genealogical information.  These are the things that will be discussed in this lecture.

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