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Monthly Meetings

Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month, except during June, July, August and December. All meetings are held at the Decatur Church of Christ.
More Information

Eligible members in The Wise County Genealogical Society need only show an interest in genealogy, biography and history. Membership in the society gives individuals and families full access to all the activities and deliberations of the society.

Annual membership dues:are from Sept 1st thru the next Sept:

  • $20 for an Individual Membership
  • $25 for a Family Membership
    Family Memberships covers all those members of one family who live in a single household. All family members will have full participation in the deliberations and activities of the Society. The family membership entitles the family to one vote.

Join Now

Now you can can become a member of The Wise County Genealogical Society right on our website using your credit card through PayPal. Simply select the membership level you wish to purchase – individual or family – and complete your membership purchase on the PayPal website.

Individual Membership – $20

Family Membership – $25