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Vision and Goals


Monthly Meetings

Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month, except during June, July, August and December. All meetings are held at the Decatur Church of Christ.
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We see Wise County Genealogical Society, as an opportunity to socialize, to learn, and to further genealogical research.


Through group and community resources, Wise County Genealogical Society will:

  • Provide a gathering place for individuals who are interested in genealogy
  • Provide genealogical education and encourage research
  • Honor the genealogical heritage of Wise County, Texas


  • Assist members in developing genealogical skills
  • To establish a genealogical society in Wise County
  • Provide genealogical education through speakers and awareness of future events
  • Recognize and honor leaders, families, and contributors of significance to Wise County, Texas