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7th Birthday Celebration

Question and Answer  Panel     7th Birthday Celebration

State and Territorial Censuses—Underused Genealogical Tools

Bernard N. Meisner.   State and Territorial Censuses—Underused Genealogical Tools.
This presentation will be a review of the state and territorial censuses that have been conducted and their value in filling in the gaps between the federal census years, and in providing additional information concerning families, their occupations, and the places they lived, with a special focus on Texas and surrounding states

An Uncommon Census: the US Non-Population Schedule

Sheryl Rascher. An Uncommon Census: the US Non-Population Schedule.
Focused on the Peters’ Colony settlers in North Texas, Sheryl, demonstrates historical characteristics of the United States Federal Census Non-Population Schedules. Genealogical content, value and availability are discussed for the Agriculture, Manufacturers/Industry, Social Statistics, Slave, Defective-Dependent-Delinquent, Indian and Mortality Schedules.

The Runaway Scape

Jim Thornhill. The Runaway Scape.
The title “Runaway Scape” is historical term given to those citizens of Texas, mostly women, and children, and what they experienced as they ran from Santa Ana when he invaded Texas toward safety.

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Hold Your Horse, Cite Your Sources

Lisa K. Reed. Hold Your Horse, Cite Your Sources.
Learn to handle the reins of your genealogical sources. This is a quick gallop through the subject to keep your genealogy on the right trail.

Census Sense: Clues and Conundrums for Intermediate Researches

Patti Gillespie. Census Sense: Clues & Conundrums for Intermediate Researchers.
This presentation focuses on federal census headings and codes, alternate federal censuses, state censuses, and their use in our research. The partnership between the national census website and the use of state censuses in revealing information about our ancestors is demonstrated in story form. The value of a research timeline is also demonstrated.

Local Resources for Long Distance Research

Laura J. Douglas & Eric Kaszynski. Local Resources for Long Distance Research.  This presentation will give an overview of the genealogical resources and services provided by the Denton Public Library and the Denton Family History Center. Both the Special Collections Research Area at the Denton Public Library and the Family History Center have free access to popular online genealogy services and other internet websites, physical records and staff that can help you in your research.

Question and Answer Panel, Birthday Celebration

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